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Thomas Sabo Trip to Munich

Posted by Nuala on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Arriving at our hotel, Eurostars Grand Hotel, Munich 

I am always so excited to visit a new city and this week I had the opportunity to visit Munich at quite possibly the best time of year, during Oktoberfest. I was in Munich to attend Thomas Sabo’s #CharmClub10 event, a celebration of their infamous charm bracelet’s tenth anniversary. As you all know, I am a huge fan of Thomas Sabo and their two toned watch rarely leaves my wrist, so I was very excited to be attending. I jetted off early Tuesday morning with my blogger pal Ciara O’Doherty for some work and play (but mostly play). The event itself was so lovely and I was really pleased to get the opportunity to meet with other bloggers from all over Europe. We were all treated to ‘Love Bridge’ bracelets which we could chose a personalised engraving for. I love the concept of the ‘Love Bridge’ collection, which is one of the brand’s newest style, you can check them out and order yours here but they also have engraving machine coming into their stores and outlets so you can pick yours up anywhere.

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Exploring Munich 

While we only had two days in Munich, we seemed to get quite a lot in. After the event in Thomas Sabo’s flag ship we were brought to Oktoberfest to experience Germany’s infamous festival. I was really excited to get to experience Oktoberfest. My first impression was that it was a mixture between a Christmas market and a carnival - think ferris wheels and lots of beer! It was definitely a fun experience but to be honest the packed beer tents are not really my scene. Having said that, it was a great way to experience the authentic German culture; everyone is dressed up in their traditional Lederhosen outfits and the market stalls are full of traditional snacks. I also usually don’t like beer but I have to say, the beer at Oktoberfest was pretty damn good!

The following day a few of us us went into the city centre to explore the streets of Munich. I’ve never been to Berlin but from what I hear it’s very cosmopolitan whereas Munich seems more traditional, some buildings literally look like they could be right out of Hanzel and Gretel whereas some are very Gothic looking. If you’re looking to experience authentic German culture I think Munich would be a great stop to explore but I do think a day or two would be enough. I also don’t like German food (and I love my food) so this was always going to be a big factor in my experience to be honest!

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