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Penneys Haul

Posted by nuala on Sunday, August 11, 2013

As you may know, I have been shortlisted as one of the final three nominees for Best Fashion Blog for Ireland’s OohLaLa Magazine’s Blog Awards 2013. The awards are sponsored by Penneys (Primark to all you non-Irish folk, it simply goes by a different name in Ireland), and during the week the fantastic OohLaLa crew sent me my invite along with a surprise gift voucher for Penneys. Yay!
I must say I was never a huge fan of Penneys until about a year ago. I think everyone would agree that they really have stepped up their game lately and I am more and more impressed every time I go in there. At the beginning of the Summer I had a €100 voucher following their Press Day event (I absolutely love their press team) and it lasted me no time at all but I purchased a huge amount of great pieces with it.
And so, with my voucher in hand, I went into Penneys in Galway during the week and within mintutes I had a handful of sartorial goodness! Above are just some of the pieces I chose. You may remember these ankle strap pointed heels from when I attended their Press Day. I loved them and I was so excited to find them in store this week. They are gorgeous on and at €18, an absolute steal. They also come in cobalt blue with a black ankle strap which I also loved. I was also so happy to snatch up these two cami’s in black and white for only €5 each. They are perfect for under blazers with jeans or tucked into shorts or skirts. I also spotted this statement necklace on a mannequin and had to have it. A black and gold statement necklace is perfect for AW’13. There is also a matching cuff bracelet available.
Along with the above I picked up a basic white Tshirt, some tanning mitts, Burts Bees lip balm and a hoodie for Stiofan (wish is so soft I’m definitely going to steal) and the total came to €69. It’s really amazing how far your money goes in Penneys, but as I really am fussy with quality, I wouldn’t be spending even €5 on a piece that I thought was poor quality. All the pieces I bought are of lovely material and perfect style. It’s all about choosing the right pieces. I am really happy with all my buys, Penneys really has surpassed expectations this Summer and with the arrival of it’s AW’13 stock it seems to be getting even better.

A Facebook upload I took while in store, for those of you looking for on trend dungarees they are
 now available in Penneys

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. I will have a new outfit post up tomorrow and don’t forget Tuesday is the night of the OohLaLa Blog Awards so stay tuned with Penny and Polaroids on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep updated. I have a very busy and excited week ahead so be sure to follow me!



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