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Workout With Primark

Posted by nuala on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All clothing from Primark / Penneys // Trainers from Nike

 If, like me, you love buying new gym clothes, you’ll love Primark’s latest workout collection. I picked up all of the above to update my workout wardrobe this January (and hopefully motivate me to workout more!) The collection is seriously trendy this season, there are so many prints and colours to choose from. I don’t usually wear much colour but I always love some bright sports bras and tank tops for the gym, and I get all of mine from Primark. Apart from a couple of sports bras and one pair of yoga pants which are from Nike, all of my gym clothes are from Primark and being honest, there really isn’t much difference in the quality. While I love gym clothes, it’s not something I would splash out on and since I bought my first pair of workout pants in Primark, I haven’t bought any elsewhere. The’re so comfortable and they really do last. I also picked up a fleece snood which will be perfect for walks and jogs during this bitterly cold January.

To celebrate the launch of Primark’s latest Workout Collection, they’ve given me a €100 to give away to one lucky reader so you too can load up on some stylish workout wear. I’m hosting the giveaway on Facebook and you can enter here.

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3 Responses to “Workout With Primark”

  1. Tasha says:

    Lovely gym clothes! I’d never think to look in Primark! xx

  2. Orlagh says:

    how do you enter the giveaway, there’s nothing coming up on Facebook?

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