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Penny and Polaroids Meets.. Natalie B Coleman

Posted by nuala on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Natalie B Coleman, Ireland’s top designer, has impressed once again with her SS’13 collection. Natalie is not only a highly influential and successful designer in Ireland, her success has landed her among her designer contemporaries at Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks in 2012. 2012 was undoubtedly a proud year for the innovative designer as it was also the year she was awarded The Golden Egg Innovation Award for Designer of The Year as well as The National Designer of the Year 2012 by Image Magazine.
It was an honour to interview such a talented soul, in this exclusively for Penny and Polaroids interview, Natalie talks nostalgic inspirations, personal preferences and gives her very own view on her SS’13 Sarah’s Suitcase Collection. Natalie’s passion for reminiscent inspirations, exquisite textiles and unique prints, as expressed in her interview here, undoubtedly prevails in her SS’13 collection. I adore the pastel yet vibrant palette and retro tailoring.
Day to Day Outfit?  
In the summer I live in my swimsuits and wear them with cut offs or one of my chiffonpleated skirts that are knee length with a short slip inside so partly see through. I can’t wait to wear the S/S13 Greyhound prints of these.
Piece of Advice?
If you fall in love with something, don’t leave it behind there are few pieces that you feel you can’t live without and I still regret not buying them at the time plus sequins are great if you are feeling blue.
Quote or Lyric?
“If you wear a short enough skirt, the party will come to you.” ― Dorothy Parker.
My engagement ring. I designed it and had it made especially by The Belenky Brothers in New York.
Fashion Magazine?
Your Timeless Classic?
      My mothers black velvet and gold chain panter belt
      Alexander McQueen
High Street Store?
      TKMax for socks that’s about it.
Fashion Era?
Fashion Icon?
      It’s a mix, love Dolly Parton, Andrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Shirley McClaine in ‘What a way
      to go,’Jean Seberg in ‘Breathless’ the women in ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’and more and more
Describe your SS’13 collection?
This S/S13 Sarah’s Suitcase Collection is my diary and has been inspired by my wedding last year. I was daydreaming of old fashioned times when people put a trousseau together, all their best clothes for a new life, love the idea of packing up a trunk with lots of fabulous clothes to create new memories in… a honeymoon collection…
The handmade lace butterflies symbolise spirits so I named the collection ‘Sarah’s Suitcase’ after my beautiful Grandmother who passed away while I was working on the designs. The greyhounds were an inspiration because of their elegance and nobility, my husband’s father also keeps racing greyhounds, so I used them as a model for my illustrations. The Oyster and Palm Print is from my confirmation outfit which reminds me of some of the best summer holidays in Miami and 80’s pastels and summer time and being a kid. So it is a story of someone packing up for an adventure fun and flirtatious with lots of tailoring detail, memories of romance topped with an old fashioned palette of dusty sugary nostalgia.
What current styles are you most looking forward to this Spring?
I can’t wait to wear my romantic dresses with gorgeous pleating detail and so light and feminine.
Where do you draw the inspirations for your collection from?
Life, art, everything.
What is you perfect day?
Driving somewhere isolated by myself with really good loud music, drinking gallons of hot chocolate and eating salty chips. Swimming in the sea, making up a new dance.
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Natalie B Coleman

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  1. this style and these colors are awesome dear…such a nice choice of inspirations :)
    xx the cookies
    much love

  2. What an absolutely inspiring post- I really enjoyed reading this and wish it had more views and comments (certainly deserves it!)

    Ruth x

  3. The colors are so fresh and lovely to look at. It’s got such a romantic and subtle touch to it. Great post!

  4. Thanks for all the comments, glad you all like it. The collection is amazing! ..X

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