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by Nuala Gorham

The Chloé Drew

Posted by Nuala on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chloé Drew from Luisiaviaroma

Readers meet Chloé, my most loved possession! I absolutely love the Chloé Drew bag and had been contemplating investing in one for months and months. I had finally decided it was worth the splurge a few months back and had planned on purchasing it in grey but sadly realised it was completely sold out pretty much everywhere! I held on for weeks hoping it would come back in stock and the lovely people at Luisiaviaroma looked into it for me but sadly it wasn’t looking like it was coming back in so I opted for the black instead and I was so lucky Luisiviaroma had it as the black was sold out in many places also.

I really do adore this bag and it’s all the more exciting because this is my first high-end designer piece. I know some people won’t agree with spending so much money on a handbag but I honestly really love it. Although I really wanted the grey initially I’m really happy I went with the black in the end as I will probably get that bit more wear out of the black. Th size is also prefect for me. I have so many larger bags and I much prefer this size. It also fits my Olympus Pen camera which is a huge bonus for me as I never go anywhere without it!

You can shop my bag here.. 

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2 responses to “The Chloé Drew”

  1. Greta says:

    Such a beautiful bag! It’s a great investment piece, worth the splurge!

  2. Siobhan says:

    Absolutely love it! Such a pretty bag. Love how you refer to her as a girl Hehehehe xx Siobhan

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